Chaindrite being manufactured at our plant

Product Brands

Sherwood Chemicals Insecticide brands "Chaindrite", "Stedfast", "Vapona", "Biforce" and "Fipforce" are the market leading household and professional termiticide, insecticide and wood preservative brands in Asia. Chaindrite 1 Aerosol is the 2nd largest (CIK) aerosol brand in Thailand with production volumes exceeding 10million cans a year. Sherwood is the largest producer of branded aerosol insecticides in Asia (excluding China).


Through a purpose built formulation facility dedicated to insecticides and cleaning products established to International Manufacturing Standards (ISO, GMP, HACCAP), Sherwood formulate Suspension Concentrates (SC), Emulsifiable Concentrates (EC), Micro-encapsulations (CS), Water dispersible Granules (WDG), Micro-emulsions (ME), Dustable Powders (DP), Aerosol oil-based, water-based and foams (AE), Granules and liquid formulations and are regarded as the pioneer of Suspension Concentrate Termiticides having formulated and launched the worlds first SC Termiticide in 1995 (Stedfast) when the business was part of SHELL.

Quality Control

Well qualified staff with an internationally experienced management team (from SHELL) including chemicals engineers, chemists, mechanical engineers. Products produced in accordance with ISO9001 (Quality), 14001 (Environment) and GMP. Well equipped laboratory with analytical facilities for raw materials & finished products.

Analytical laboratory equipment and standards produced for validated data packages incorporating; CIPAC (FAO/WHO) and APVMA validated analytical methods. Standard equipment includes; HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph), GC (Gas Chromatograph), Particle Size Analyzer, Automatic Viscometer, Karl Fischer, Flash Point Apparatus, Melting Point Apparatus, Electronic Balances, Bursting Strength tester, pH Meter. Laboratory scale Suspension Concentrate (SC) mills, Ovens for accelerated storage stability (2yr shelf life).