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Following on from its successful factory open day in 2018, Sherwood Chemical is opening the doors on its Bangkok manufacturing facility once more.

In July 2020, Sherwood Chemicals will run a 1-2 day conference featuring guest speakers and a tour of its formulation facility in Thailand.

“This is a great opportunity for pest managers to see how a quality, specialist formulation company develops and manufactures pest control products,” said Elton Ardene, ANZ business manager. “Previously, attendees have appreciated actually seeing research and development in action, rather than just hearing about it in supplier presentations.”

This year’s factory visit will be expanded to include other pest managers from across Asia and a one day conference with guest speakers to provide additional learning experiences.

The event will take place in July 2020 and pest managers interested in attending should contact Sherwood Chemical for more information


Pic 1. Outside the factory (2016)

Pic2 Conference dinner (2016)