As part of its ongoing research and development programme, Sherwood Chemicals has opened a new product performance testing centre to improve the development timeframe in screening new formulations for specialty markets.

Our investment in this test facility is our commitment to moving forward as a formulation specialist targeting niche markets like Professional Pest. Through the development of the test center, we can screen and optimize product formulations to target Vector and Structural pests including; mosquitoes, cockroaches and termites in a shorter development cycle timeframe before commencing with independent trials to ensure the pipeline of new innovative formulations will deliver sustainable benefits to users over the next 2-5yrs” said John Ralph, Managing Director Sherwood Chemicals Australasia.

A specialist team runs the test facility, which is situated inside the company’s headquarters and manufacturing base in Bangkok, Thailand and is headed by Sherwoods Product Development Director Mr Pinyo Vititayanon who graduated in Entomology and was formerly employed at American Cyanamid and BASF before joining Sherwood in 2004.

It is our aim to develop the most cost effective, high performance formulations for pest control and that objective can only be achieved by continuously improving our product offering.” concluded John Ralph

He continues, “Investing in a dedicated product testing facility is beneficial to both Sherwood and its customers. For Sherwood, it means that we can work hand in hand with our formulation chemists to ensure that our current products are fit for purpose, whilst developing new products using the latest off patent active ingredients and incorporating them into formulations specific to small markets like Professional Pest”.

With Sherwood’s unique skills as a formulation specialist focused on state-of-the art formulation chemistry for small niche markets, we believe this will create value for pest controller’s to improve their service by improving performance and safety. A number of these innovative formulations have been launched in Australia including Ultraforce Termite Foam Aerosol and Ultraforce Cockroach Powder. These formulations were a first for the Australian market and we are excited with the pipeline of new chemistry that will be rolled out over the next 2-5yrs“. concluded Elton Arderne, Sherwood Chemicals Australasia Business Development Manager.

Pic 1: Insert Sherwood testing lab

Pic 2. Insert: Ultraforce Cockroach gel bait trials

Pic 3 insert: TermatriX Termite lab trials